Monday, December 11, 2006

My PGP decrypted Message homework # 3

pg: encrypted with 2048-bit ELG-E key, ID AC4F989D, created 2006-10-04
"Moga Nkate (no comment) "
nternational Business Times reports that not all online social networks are the same, according to new research released this week. Internet research firm, comScore Networks, said on Thursday that significant age differences exist between the user bases of these websites. "While the top social networking sites are typically viewed as directly competing with one another, our analysis demonstrates that each site occupies a slightly different niche," commented Jack Flanagan, executive vice president of comScore Media Metrix.
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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

my interview

i interviewed, my aunt who is fifty years old. she was born in South Africa. and she remebers growing up with no t.v or radio. she remembers having to use a calculator when she moved to Scotland for high school. She was then exposed to watching t.v in black and white, and throughout the years she has seen technological devices such as cell phones, record players , cd's ,vcr's, dvd's, microwaves and the internet become necessities for her and her children in todays world.

Black Hacker

Wikipedia defines a black hat hacker as:

A black hat (also called a cracker or Darkside hacker) is a person who uses their skills with computers and other technological items in a malicious or criminal manner.
Originally all people with a high level of skills at computing were known as hackers. Over time, the distinction between those perceived to use such skills with social responsibility and those who used them maliciously or criminally, became perceived as an important divide. Two terminologies developed: the former became known as hackers or (within the computer security industry) as white hats, and the latter as crackers or black hats. The general public tends to use the term "hackers" for both types, a source of some conflict when the word is perceived to be used incorrectly in written reports. In computer jargon the meaning of "hacker" can be much broader.
Usually a Black Hat is a person who uses their knowledge of vulnerabilities and exploits for private gain, rather than revealing them either to the general public or the manufacturer for correction. Many Black Hats promote individual freedom and accessibility over privacy and security[citation needed]. Black Hats may seek to expand holes in systems; any attempts made to patch software are generally done to prevent others from also compromising a system they have already obtained secure control over. A Black Hat hacker may have access to 0-day exploits (private software that exploits security vulnerabilities; 0-day exploits have not been distributed to the public). In the most extreme cases, Black Hats may work to cause damage maliciously, and/or make threats to do so as blackmail.

Monday, November 13, 2006

YouTube videos

Monday, November 06, 2006

Class Blog's

I looked at my fellow classmates's blogs and i think they look pretty cool. There were a couple of things that i found interesting , one was Julia's blog on her favorite band Maroon 5 the blog is pretty cool because it allows fans to listen to their entire album for free online. I liked Derek's Blog, i found it very informative, especially his favourite blog about wheel chair sports. I liked Steve's Blog on The PS3, and for posting steps on how to decrypt messages, it helped me out a lot. lastly i liked Martina's favorite blog on football, ( known as Soccer in America), which lets Argentinian football fans post their views about the Argentinian football team.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006 & web pages

the website is pretty dull, but contains vital information about all sorts of things that are happenning in the world. the site also has picture's that help in knowing what the main idea behind the posts are. for example Einstien represents science, the USA flag deals with American affairs, and the Ithernet cable represents Networking. the site also allows for people to post their comments, and excess old information as well.

is much more appealing to the eye with way in which the use of color and the design of the web page. digg has alot more variety in stories , it also allows you to post your comments and unlike slashdot, the stories are ranked in terms of importance and most read by people in a day. digg also has a menu on the web page that helps in finding your favourite posts such as technology, sports , news etc faster.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Answers to the T.V Ads

The selling points for each Ad are as follows:-

1. Atari introduces a very educational computer for children.

2. Commodore introduces a computer that teaches the youth about computers , giving them an alternative to playing computer games.

3. Commodore introduces a$300 computer for the family, that also comes with computer games.

4. The Commodore 64 peronal computer, the best prized laptop in the market.

5. An Adam personal computer that is educational for the children and affordable for the family as well.

6. A $100 rebate on the home computer from Texas Instruments.

7. Kypo a full priced computer for $ 1295, unlike other computer prices that include extra fees.

8. An Apple computer that has taken computing to another level.

9. The vidoe was no longer available.

10. Windows software for $99.

11. The Ameda computer which works faster than most computers, has a color monitor and targets children .

12. Tendy 1000TX compute, which is 6x faster than most computers, good for the home and work, and has the best value only at Radioshack.

13. A graphic design programme from Ibm personal system II.

14. An educationl Apple computer for school children, very educational.

15. Parabook laptop from Apple.

16. Newton panpe compters that can operate fax machines, telephones, laser printers and computers, for business men and women and computing geeks.

17. IBm think pad 701c the advancement in laptops.

18. Windows 95 sotware from Microsoft.

19. Parckard Bell with ntel Processor for homeowners.

20. IBM services that even manage live music band concerts.

21. Video no longer available.

22. Apple " Think different" the message that i fluences , innovation, very educational and thus targets children.

23.Imac computers that come in different colors, different to the usual white colored cmputers,

24. a websit that is educational and its main focus is for pet owners.

25. Windows XP 2001 software that has vidoe streaming, internet chatting and a wireless internet connection.

26. Apple switch fast, dvd personal computer.

27. IBM Linux 2004, very eductional,"change the world" is the message targetting children.

28. Apple "Get a Mac" rather than a Pc, targeting the younger generation.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Encrypted Message

Prof. Liu please send me a secret message, so that i can de-crypt it

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